Pete Johnson

Pete Johnson

As a seventies child, Pete grew up in awe of the Triumph Stag, and his first car was a TR7 convertible (which he claims he had to sell it to fund an engagement ring. Ahhh.)

It wasn’t long into married life when the urge to own another Triumph surfaced. Imagine Paula’s horror to find a rusty, lime green TR7, complete with flat tyres and the price scrawled across the windscreen, arrive at the marital home on the back of a scrapyard trailer!

You paid how much!!??!!

Even she has to admit it was worth it, when 18 months later it was transformed into a gleaming red dream machine.

Pete’s reputation soon spread, friends and friends of friends were soon asking for his services, although it wasn’t until 1999 he took the leap and co-founded Yorkshire Triumphs.

Highlights of this time include the acquisition of a very rare experimental model of the TR5; building a 4.8 litre Luego Viento kit car from scratch, and turning a TR7 into a five litre monster featured in Retro Cars.

His greatest joy though, was buying the self same Stag he had drooled over as a child.

In 2013, Pete joined forces with Richard to form Yorkshire Triumphs Ltd – a┬árenewed and energetic business expanding rapidly and building on solid foundations.

dsc00071 In the last decade or so, Peter has built his reputation by ensuring he always offers honest, straight forward advice coupled with a determination to provide a service he, as a Triumph owner himself, would expect.