Jackie Stewart’s Spitfire Mk4

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We’re mid-way in a full restoration of a used and abused Mk4 Spitfire that comes with quality provenance – it’s believed to have belonged to 3 times F1 driver’s championship winner and full time professional Scotsman Jackie Stewart!

Great story but very rotten car.

We’re restoring the chassis and rebuilding with a variety of upgrades. Similarly the original engine has been fully reconditioned and lightly ‘cammed’ and we’re adding an overdrive gearbox for a comfortable drive in modern traffic and motorway speeds.  Following an upgraded chassis rebuild we’re now re-shelling the body, doing some remedial panelwork and fitting a new bonnet assembly.  Then it’s paint – in original French Blue.

Mr Stewarts Spitfire has a little way to go, but will be doing him proud on the roads of Europe in the not too distant future.