Dad’s Stag reborn

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Full, bottom up restoration of a nice, straight Stag.

This car has been in our customer’s family for 2 generations, but was sadly neglected for the last 30 having come off the road with a failed MoT.

It was time for Dad’s Stag to come back to life, so we started a full restoration, bottom up.
Most panels needed replacing and lots of rot was cut out and made good.  A high quality paint job in the cars original Magenta makes this Stag stand out in any company, while the full engine and gearbox reconditioning, new interior and various subtle upgrades provide the distinctive Stag experience on the road, with added reliability and performance.

She now stands purposeful and beautiful – ready for another 40 years on the road.

Our customer says:

Thank you so much for all the hard work you have done to bring my father’s Stag back to the condition I see it in today, it’s been fantastic to see the progress made over the last 2 ½ years. Regular updates have been appreciated especially the video of the first start, hearing that burble again after so many years brought back many memories of happy times! The respect shown has been exemplary, you guys understood what the car meant to us and have been supportive throughout, cumulating in my first drive of a Triumph Stag, dad’s Stag, on 15th July this year, what a feeling that was driving it out of Yorkshire Triumph’s workshop.

The workmanship is exemplary, we are over the moon to have her back where she should be at home with the family purring as only the Stag can. Many years of fun motoring to come, Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.’