Late Mk3 Spitfire restoration (late car, not completed late!)

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This late Mk3 Spitfire had had quite a life, accumulating the usual rot and incurring repairs along the way…

Our customer has owned and enjoyed this Spit for many years, and done many of the repairs along the way himself, but decided now was the time to bring it back to A1 condition and get back in the sunshine.

As is often the case, as soon as we started to remove paint the rot came thick and fast. In the end we replaced sills, bot floor and rear panel, front inner/outer wings and most wing bottom edges.
Repairs at the lower B post to sills were extensive – but put the strength back in the structure.

Prep for paint has also been extensive, restoring the correct shape all round, especially the rear wings and bonnet.

We’re almost complete – final paint and then re-trim external and internal before some engine work.