Roadster – 1940’s motoring needs looking after too!

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A rare Triumph beast, recently found lumbering around the Yorkshire Triumphs workshop.

This beautiful Roadster arrived looking a little sad on a transporter, having been towed out of our customers garage. A family inheritance brought it into the hands of our customer having been off the road for more than 10 years, but it’s been in the family for decades.

Our brief was to get it back on the road and ready for use (no MoT required on a 1948 vehicle) so we:

  • Corrected a variety of electrical faults around the engine
  • Emptied and cleaned the entire fuel system (full of congealed 5 star and additive)
  • Rebuilt the Solex carb
  • Refurbished the entire braking system including wheel cylinders and master cylinder

She’s now back on the road and ready to sweep (sedately) around the B roads of Yorkshire.