TR4 – rally prep and engine rebuild

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This well used and enjoyed TR4a has been a regular visitor with us this year .

Various upgrades demanded by planned light-motorsport use have been completed:

– conversion from LHD to RHD
– roll cage
– tubular manifold and straight through rear system
– lightweight alternator conversion

Our latest project has been a full engine rebuild to deal with the causes of a water/combustion chamber leak and oil in the exhaust gases. So we’ve:

– Removed/stripped/specified the new build
– Fitted new liners and pistons and a fast road cam
– Lightened and balanced the bottom end
– Rebuilt and setup on a rolling road

All this completed just 1 week before the Club Triumph Round Britain Reliability Run in which the car took part.The engine ran perfectly and delivered smooth torque and revs on demand. Result!

Engine work:

RHD conversion: