Russet Stag – bound for Australia!

Alec To OS with Pete

Model: Filed in: Past Projects

An unusual commission to take a Stag, bought unseen on Ebay, and prepare it for a new life in Australia by it’s new owner – who lives out there!!

Fortunately, our client bought well and the car came to us in relatively good shape. It’s previous owner had clearly looked after it and the car was thankfully fairly free of the usual bodges. Indeed, while removing a comprehensively installed ’80s ‘brick’ car phone, even Richard was complimentary about the un-bodged nature of the electrics. Blimey.

But there was rot, the front inner and outer arches particularly, sill fronts on both sides and some minor patches on the rear.

Doors were the other big issue. To pass the Australian Vehicle Safety Standards test on import to the colony, the car needs to have side impact bars in the doors, so a pair of US doors were sourced and shipped to us.

We finished off with wire wheels, a good tune on the original Triumph V8 and a thorough shakedown of all electrical and mechanical systems before this Stag is bound for the (penal) colonies..