GSM Delta race car


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A very rare one this.  We recently had the opportunity to buy two GSM Delta’s, one prepared for the road (which we’re keeping just for fun) and this race car with competition history going back to the early ’60s.

GSM Delta’s were the UK-built equivalent of the South African Glass Sport Motors Dart, renamed for legal reasons (Chrysler hold the rights to the name ‘Dart’ in the UK – an issue Daimler also ran into with their 250).

Only approximately 60 of these early fibre glass bodied cars were built in the UK, from moulds provided by the South African operation. In their day these were highly competitive cars on the race circuit, regularly beating comparable Lotus models before Colin Chapman got the gist of ‘light = fast’.

They feature a tubular ladder chassis, front transverse leaf spring and a variety of Ford engines and running gear – encased by a low, swooping body straight from the ’60s.

Heck, they even have wings!